Have you Ever Considered Coldfusion for your Mobile App Development?

ColdFusion Mobile App Development – Seems it strange, but yes, it is possible to build Mobile Apps using ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder. What makes it suitable for mobile app development? Well the answer is the availability of its web browser components in software development kit.

ColdFusion is the best technology to meet the daily challenges of internet application development which is so much productive and can create robust applications. It can be integrated with any IT technology. We can use ColdFusion for small as well as large enterprise solutions. This flexibility has extended its functionality to build mobile applications with the help of Adobe ColdFusion 11 & ColdFusion Builder. These two makes HTML5 mobile application development seamless by enduring the complete workflow. You can build the mobile apps using the client-side CFML, HTML, and JavaScript.

Mobile Application Development Workflow

CF11 makes it easy to develop mobile apps using HTML5, PhoneGap and CFML. The best thing is that anyone who is familiar with the ColdFusion mobile device APIs can build mobile apps even though they don’t have a deep knowledge on the PhoneGap or other related development models.

ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder provides you the complete workflow needed for mobile application development by confronting the obstacles related to it while building, testing, debugging and deploying it.

ColdFusion Builder allows you to build platform-specific mobile applications using Adobe’s PhoneGap build service. ColdFusion Mobile Platform allows you to create 3 types of mobile applications:

  • HTML 5-based standalone app which can be installed in mobile devices. Adobe’s PhoneGap build service, you can create platform specific mobile applications.
  • ColdFusion-deployed web app which can be viewed on mobile device’s web browser. There won’t be any support for device’s native functionalities.
  • Hybrid/shell app that can run as a standalone mobile application. This type supports device’s native functionalities.

Client-side CFML

A mobile app developer can easily create the apps by making use of the Client-side CFML code tag to execute in the browser. A developer with little expertise in integrating ColdFusion mobile APIs can easily tailor one.

Translation of CFML to JavaScript

Usually, in standalone mobile applications, every line of the code that is present in the app must be in JavaScript, CSS or HTML. So if you are building a standalone app, you should convert the CFML code to JavaScript before execution.

Mobile Templates

There are some predefined templates available in ColdFusion Builder which helps to make mobile applications quicker. These templates come with the ability to use third party web frameworks like Bootstrap or jQuery Mobile. In addition to that you can create custom user templates with more focus on design and functionality.

Debugging Your Application

You will get the detailed debugging information in the Adobe ColdFusion itself which will help you to resolve all issues with your application. You will have to configure ColdFusion to generate debugging data and use the cftrace and cftimer tags to provide detailed information on code execution. On the other hand, you can depend on third party tools to validate your code and troubleshoot it.

Packaging Mobile Applications

After creating your mobile app, you can now choose one of the common platforms. Though you will be writing only CFML codes while creating mobile apps and not any device specific native code. The packaged application in CF Builder can access the native capabilities of the mobile platform.

Inspecting Mobile Applications

For inspecting HTML based mobile applications built in ColdFusion, Weinre(Web Inspector Remote) will be a right choice. It’s a remote inspector that can be used to debug such applications and is very easy to use.

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