Advantages of ColdFusion over Other Technologies

ColdFusion is an innovative platform which gives the power to create robust applications with its high performance inbuilt architecture. This platform has been rarely used by developers for normal website development as it is a little sound for website owners. But it comes with those much immense characteristics which are far better than common platforms and can be easily implemented for creation custom web applications and portals.

Main Features


Security is an important aspect and always been a challenge with web applications. Today, as the technology advances, hackers leverage its possibilities to advance further. Adobe has molded ColdFusion with immense security features that give the power to developers for building highly secured applications. The latest version of ColdFusion has come up with default security settings, Hot-fix updates and API to protect against security holes.

Cross Platform Support

Considering its ample functionalities and scalabilities, ColdFusion supports cross platform integrity which allows it to integrate on other environments. Best aspect among it is, it boasts a Web Application Server that is allowed to incorporate with many other development platforms. It also gives an additional framework which provides the ability to ColdFusion Developers to add additional applications to existing ones.

Very easy to learn and develop – If we compare ColdFusion with or PHP, it’s much easier to learn and implement. The user interface is simple and friendly for front end developers. Also the back end can be developed using only CFScript language. It’s easy to manage databases using single interface which maintains the stability of data within a safe environment.

As we discussed some of the major aspects, here are some more interesting facts about ColdFusion.

ColdFusion delivers almost all the functionalities that one can expect from a modern technology: database interaction, user-defined functions, OOPs, few handy scopes, caching, web-services, scaling, search, XML, AJAX, ORM etc.

There will be tag functions for almost any tasks like sending emails, managing forms, developing rich UI, document import and export, images and pdfs, and tons of other built-in functions.

Since it’s an Adobe product, it’s compatible with other Adobe products like Flash, Flex, PDF etc.

With our advanced knowledge of AJAX programming and ColdFusion programming integration, we are able to add a real-time dynamic to data binding applications, file location, and many more ColdFusion functions.

Ajax coding with ColdFusion permits to add real-time dynamic information with data merging applications.

We have pointed out only a few among the many features of Coldfusion. You can always contact Techversant, a No.1 Coldfusion company in India to discuss with the experts about the technology.