What is Coldfusion?

ColdFusion, CF in short, is a rapid web app development platform which comes with a range of different advantages. The main reason why it is preferred is its high run-time performance.

let’s have some quick things for which you might want to take advantage of ColdFusion.

Ease of integration and use

Coldfusion doesn’t require rigorous coding as in case of other programming languages. A programmer can quickly develop web based applications using this dynamic language, and can save time and money of the clients. Coldfusion allows users to manage a huge amount of data and information with ease with various databases management systems.

Development time

Experts says Coldfusion applications can be built in an average of 70% of the development time that other languages takes. So we can get back the money easily that we are investing on purchasing a server version of Coldfusion sooner we are going live on our application. Speed of development is the key with ColdFusion over other programming languages. ColdFusion can do the same exact thing as PHP, ASP and .NET only faster.


ColdFusion is a scalable platform and can handle heavy load. We can build massive systems in ColdFusion with most dynamically typed languages, system scalability is a function of application tuning, database tuning and the appropriate caching systems in place. Clustered caches are a vital part of a high performance and high redundancy architecture. Working with the built-in ehCache integration is very straightforward and easy. We can use them with some quick tutorials those are available online.


With ColdFusion, we can easily integrate with other technologies or applications build in other technologies and maintain those integrations cost-effectively. ColdFusion can create and consume SOAP, XML, JSON, Java objects, databases of all types, AMF, REST, .net assemblies, SMS gateways, Message Queues and PDF forms. Since ColdFusion is built on top of the JVM and is compiled down to Java bytecode, we have the option of using any existing Java libraries and frameworks.

ColdFusion objects configured as Remotely Accessible (access=”remote”) are automatically published as JSON or SOAP resources. So putting up APIs is simple and ceremony free