We are hearing it for a quite long time on ColdFusion popularity, and several questions related to that like whether it's dead or picking up its path for a better future etc.

ColdFusion has both a dominion server and free open source server and atleast 3 very powerful frameworks. It's hard to find another language like this with such a scope of community driven choices.

So why are these misassumptions that ColdFusion is dead/dying?

As ColdFusion enthusiasts, we strongly believe that with its outstanding ability for rapid development with few lines of codes, ColdFusion is very easy to deploy and manage. ColdFusion features great debugging and development potential, for it has Java as its backbone which possesses a very strong community.

Developers specialized in a particular programming language are kind of like creed in that thing. They grow in that language and talk about the advantages of that platform. Thus PHP, .Net and CF have all similar trends. They just vary only in the number of sites and coding disciples.

Rakshith Naresh

Rakshith Naresh

The Senior Product Manager for ColdFusion at Adobe Mr. Rakshith Naresh recently stated that Adobe will continue to invest in ColdFusion and they are currently working on the stable release of Adobe ColdFusion 13 a.k.a ColdFusion Aether. And ColdFusion Aether will have support commitments till 2025.

The main point he highlighted was that ColdFusion is not going anywhere!

Keeping aside what he mentioned, every couple of years, Adobe is releasing new versions, and the older versions continue to get an ample support period. You can check out Adobe's ColdFusion Roadmap to get a visual representation of just how alive ColdFusion is.

Coldfusion Roadmap 1
ColdFusion Roadmap 2
ColdFusion Roadmap 3

This sounds as a strong proof that Adobe has some serious plans for ColdFusion. Adobe is all set to make CF stronger and sturdier with the coming updates.

Adobe has been hosting its own annual conference for American CF coders. CF Summit 2018 will be held this year in Las Vegas and offers a unique opportunity to connect in-person with the ColdFusion community.

You can check out our portfolio to find examples of organizations with ColdFusion websites and applications, but in addition to Techversant Clients, there are other sites that use CFML for all or part of their website and/or internal applications. And they include high-profile sites like, CarFax, etc.


Lajin Mohan

Lajin Mohan
Software Architect
Techversant Infotech

"I am in the industry for the past 10 years and working with CF on a regular basis, writing about it on occasion, and consult on CF projects whenever the opportunity arises. The truth is, I find it everywhere. Even from large insurance and government organizations, banking sectors, retail, marketing companies etc and the list goes on. Apart from the myths, it is fast, secured, and has comparatively a low learning curve. "