ReactJS vs AngularJS: An In-depth Comparison in 2021

ReactJs vs. AngularJs comparison is still a popular topic in 2021. Both ReactJs and AngularJs are advanced and widely used to create interactive page applications. There remains a lot of controversies regarding the selection of the perfect framework of Javascript, when professionals tend to structure their applications or projects. It is really important to select the right framework for the project since it will affect code maintainability, performance, deadlines and even elasticity of your future app.


Below are some of the benefits of Angular:

  • Provides high performance.
  • Offers clean code development.
  • Material design-like interface.
  • Provides seamless updates using Angular CLI.
  • Takes care of routing.


Here are some of the benefits of React:

  • Simple design makes it easier to learn.
  • Developers can spend more time writing modern JavaScript frameworks with minimum worry about the framework-specific code.
  • HTML-like syntax helps you with templating and highly-detailed documentation.
  • Enhanced support for server-side rendering makes it a robust framework for content-focused applications.
  • Easy migration between the versions.
  • Facebook’s “Codemod” feature automates much of the process.
  • React can easily manage heavy loads by combining it with ES6/7.


React is developed and maintained by Facebook and used in their products, including Instagram and WhatsApp. It has been around for around since 2013, so it is not exactly new. Angular was launched in the year 2009 and was one of the best single-page application development solutions. It is maintained by Google and used in more than 600 hundred applications in Google such as Firebase Console, Google Analytics, Google Express, Google Cloud Platform and more.


Some of the standard features of Angular are

  • Dependency injection
  • Templates, based on an extended version of HTML
  • Class-based components with lifecycle hooks
  • Routing provided by @angular/router
  • Ajax requests using @angular/common/http
  • @angular/forms for building forms
  • Component CSS encapsulation
  • XSS protection
  • Code splitting and lazy loading
  • Test runner, framework and utilities for unit-testing.


Some of the standard features of React are

  • Instead of classic templates, it has JSX, an XML-like language built on top of JavaScript
  • Class-based components with lifecycle hooks or simpler functional components
  • State management using set State and hooks.
  • XSS protection
  • Code splitting and lazy loading
  • Error handling boundaries
  • Utilities for unit-testing components


Both Angular and React are great for front-end development. Angular uses both one and two-way data binding while React uses one-way binding. Angular offers strong opinions on how your application should be structured and has many small libraries built-in that helps you build complex applications. Angular is larger and takes longer loading times and performance on mobile. React is smaller than Angular, so it is a bit faster. React is the best choice, if you plan to enhance your project step by step by adding new features because it is impossible to jump from Angular 2.0 to 7.0 and have to install updates between the versions, one by one. Always keep in mind the future scope of the project while choosing a tool. We can easily develop a maintainable architecture with server-side rendering using React while Angular has all the core features, a developer may need to scale existing apps by adding new functionality.


Popular projects of React are Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, Whatsapp, Dropbox etc. and popular projects of Angular are Google, Nike, Forbes, Upwork, General Motors, Telegram, PayPal etc.



Both Angular and React are unique in their ways and both are wonderful tools. To decide on which framework, you will need to review it from the perspective of your project. Techversant offers front-end and full stack JavaScript development services to create business-centric solutions that range from simple desktop applications to mobile web applications and complex enterprise solutions. Expert developers of Techversant create world-class applications using the most popular JavaScript frameworks, libraries, toolkits, and IDEs. Looking to hire expert JavaScript developers for your next project? Contact us now: