Video Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Video marketing is one of the digital marketing trends that grows continuously and gives the opportunity to thrive with it. 7 Billion Videos are watched over every day on Facebook and YouTube. According to YouTube, the mobile video consumption rate is increasing by 200% each year. After survey, Cisco recently stated that by 2019, 80% of the traffic will be engrossed by videos. If you haven’t started your video marketing, it’s the right time to kick off.

A video can help a user better understand about your business, services or products at any stage of the process and can convert the customer at any time. Here are some tips to create a successful video marketing strategy for your business.

Define a Goal

A proper video marketing strategy has to be tailored with the business goals. So first, make a decision on which piece of content you wish to showcase. If you are confused to choose from a set of goals, prioritize the goals as per your business mainstream.

Your Target Audiencetarget audience video marketing strategy

As you defined the goal, you have to group out your target audiences. First off all make sure to target the users those who are more possible to convert. Later on target the others as well. Don’t filter out any of your visitors. There should be content for all types of visitors even if they are not interested in your product or service. The objective should be, just create a space in their minds, so whenever they are looking for such sorts of service or products, your brand named should first strike in their mind.

Audience Benefit

When you strategize, make sure your videos deliver some values to the audience. Tailor each video to target certain category of audiences.

Strategize Your Video Topic

When you plan to define your video topic, it will be easy if you tabulate your business into each stage and create content according to that.

  • Brand Awareness – Create professional videos to create awareness about your business. It’s your signature video, so you should spend some time for this.
  • Product Introduction – Detailed video about your products/services and its features.
  • News/Offers – If you are launching a new product or services, you can create a
  • Sales – You can pitch out anything that helps in closing a lead. Say a live video testimonial from your client. It doesn’t need any expertize to create one, you can simply capture it from your mobile cam and show case it, and just watch how much conversion will it bring to your business. Also demo videos, portfolio etc.
  • Support – Here you can concentrate explainer videos like how to get started, how to make the payment, FAQ, support topic walkthroughs etc.

Video Publishing Calendar

As we post continuously on social media to get notified all the time, it will be better to have a proper schedule for your video. Rather than posting one or two videos about your product or service, plan a series of videos and schedule to distribute it on proper intervals. This will help the audience engage with your brand name all the time.

Make it Viral

Making powerful videos is not the only part, you should also plan how to market it effectively.

Many of you think, publishing your video on Facebook and YouTube completes your job. But this is not enough, you should attract customers from other platforms as well.

video strategy gone viral

  • Email campaign – Old, but powerful. Get an email list and run an email campaign using email service providers like mail chimp, vertical response etc.
  • Share it on all your social media accounts. The more reach you get for your videos, the more customers you attract.
  • Create a video gallery page in your website and showcase your videos.

Track Your Performance

What metrics should you focus to measure the success of your video marketing campaign?

Many of them will suggest different metrics from different point of views, view counts, engagement, play rate, comments, etc… But, this should completely depend on your Goal and Audience.

There are lots of tools out there to help you with creating your videos. From simple Microsoft PowerPoint to professional Adobe AfterEffects, you can select which ever you are comfortable with. Or, even you can have someone to create videos for you, just make sure you have a strong video marketing strategy.

Attracting more customers to your business through colorful bait, without any doubt we can say that video is a powerful marketing strategy. Make sure to create an intact strategy that suits you and just kick off your video marketing.